When we tell people we are moving to Germany, the first thing people say is “Why would you want to move there?”. I’ve spent some time in different parts of Germany and whilst it has had at times been challenging, I’ve always felt like I wanted to be there. We looked at moving to Germany in 2009 but it was a time when Green Renters started to really take off so we had to make a decision. The GFC also hit which helped make the decision for us.

My first trip to Berlin. God I look young and thin! We aren’t moving to Berlin (it’s usually the second thing people ask). I adore Berlin but it’s easy to get in a bubble of expats and Melbournites and we’re keen to challenge ourselves a little.

Cannot wait to make lots more preserves, cheap berries will be a luxury! Will be great fun.

Loads of outdoor cafes. And in winter, they don’t do energy saving heaters like Melbourne, they put blankets out!

Always great to visit community gardens. This one was in Hamburg. The third question people ask me is if I speak German. The answer is, a little. I’m not a natural learning languages but I’m working on it. It’s something I am of course extremely nervous about. I am a voracious reader and follower of news. I love the cinema. I love interacting and meeting new people. But I don’t want it to be an excuse not to do something new.

Lots of sustainability sensibilities. These pics were taken in Freiburg, considered the greenest city in Europe.

Markets! God I love markets! I’ve read that the Christmas markets are particularly spectacular.

I’m always a sucker for art.

I love Bionade and could buy cases of the stuff.

Old school eastern european relics. This was in a hotel room at a holiday resort in Sassnitz.

I don’t have rose coloured glasses on. Learning German is very difficult. Adjusting to cultural differences is hard. Packing up a whole house and clearing it out is hard (and incredibly time consuming). But it’s time for a challenge, and a change. We’re winding up Green Renters and whilst we hope to do some of the work we do in a different way (more on that later) like our cooking classes, we are relishing the opportunity to try new things and do new things. Running your own charity is incredibly consuming (at times to our detriment) and the freedom of change will be incredible.