I’ve been a terribly neglectful blogger.

The surgery knocked me around a bit.  I ended up with an infection in my right leg and a trip to emergency, all of which has not been fun. I had all the stitches out this week at last although I’m on another round of antibiotics and still have to wear a dressing on my leg so no baths for me sadly. My left leg is good although I think I’ll end up heading the posterior compartment released at some stage. The scarring will be minimal due to the keyhole surgery, the actual cuts go from knee to ankle.

I’ve been struggling terribly with a spot of plantar fascitis (the condition is a bitch to treat effectively) but besides that my leg pain is gone. It’s very strange, my body keeps tensing waiting for the pain and being able to walk differently takes a lot of getting used to!                                  

One happy leg

We’ve just under a month before we leave for Leipzig. We’re frantically clearing out the house, selling  and donating bits and pieces. It’s quite a large job, especially once you start selling off furniture and end up living out of boxes and using the laundromat. But it’s all part of the adventure!

 Getting rid of my succulents, I really enjoyed finding the little teapots and teacups

I did my last preserving class in Australia. It was a great day and there was quite a haul (apologies for a somewhat blurry phone pic):

Besides that I’ve just been busy organising our last few Green Renters events and workshops and making door snakes. I was hopeful of taking a finished hexagon quilt to Germany but it will have to be completed there.

Here’s one of the vegan Portuguese custard tarts I made this week.I’ll be serving them as part of morning tea at our vegan masterclass this weekend.