I like spotting strange (to me) foods at the supermarket and markets and the latest are:

Green grapefruits

According to Sunkist, Green grapefruit are Pummelos, also called Chinese grapefruit. The peel is thick and green on the outside, while the interior is either white or pink. Pummelos are slightly milder tasting than regular grapefruit, but they are very aromatic. 

and Black radishes

I originally thought they were some kind of beetroot, but they are some kind of big radish, black on the outside and creamy white on the inside. I’Ve also heard them referred to as black radishes. They are apparently common in Eastern Europe. (You’ll notice in the photo that there are vacuum packed corn and beetroot, I’ve only found fresh beetroot in one place and rarely fresh corn). 

Have you tried either of these? 

Things I’ve been reading:

The dumbest person in your building is handing out the keys to your front door, Jessica Pressler, New York Magazine

Life as a nonviolence psychopath, Judith Okihuare, The Atantic

Ghostly pained shadows in abandoned psychiatric hospital, Dangerous Minds

The Food Lab: Make your own just add water instant noodles (and make your coworkers jealous), J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Serious Eats

Crazy cake designs: Readers pictures, The Guardian

Climate change is driving heatwaves around the world, Kate Sheppard, Mother Jones


14 Food TV shows actually worth watching, Allen Salkin, Bon Appetit


Is it ok to discipline another person’s child on a flight?, Lee Tulloch, Traveller


I love this living room (although being a short person, I’m not a big fan of stools. I’m always paranoid I’ll fall backwards). 

I was kindly awarded a Liebster award for my blog by Julie at My Apologies for the Novel

Here’s what you do when you’re nominated: 
1. Answer the questions given and then come up with 10 new ones to ask your nominees.
2. Nominate 8 other blogs, let them know you have nominated them and put a link to their blog in your post.
3. No tag backs.
4. Nominees must have under 200 followers on any platform.
5. You must tell all the blogs that you nominate that you have nominated them.

Here are Julie’s questions and my answers: 

1. What is your favorite recipe? 

Gosh it’s so hard to think of just one recipe. One of my most popular recipes is my onion jam, which I’ve taught to many people back in Australia at workshops and masterclasses.

2. What was the most recent dessert you made? 

Vegan tiramisu for the last Apartment Supper Club.

3. What is your favorite vegan cookbook? 

I really like Veganissimo by Leigh Drew. When we lived in Australia, Chris (my husband) ran a vegan publishing company for a while which published some of Leigh’s early books. We also did a couple of vegan bake off competitions which went really well, including one at Leigh’s cafe in Newtown.

4. What is your favorite place to get vegetables (grocery store, farmer’s market, CSA, growing your own, etc.)? 

We used to grow our own in Melbourne but it is sadly not an option in a small Leipzig apartment! I love buying vegetables at the local market square. We are lucky to also live close to supermarkets for last minute purchases. I find the produce here is very much seasonal compared to Australia where our long summers and the all round warmth of places like Queensland meant the growing seasons were longer.

5. If you could pick any animal to be for a day, which animal would you choose & why? 

Maybe a cat. I look at my cat and he is such a contented soul.

6. Do you prefer sweet or savory dishes? 


7. What do you like to use as a vegan egg substitute? 

Bananas for cakes. I recently been trying chickpea flour as i haven’t brought a packet egg substitute here yet.

8. What was your favorite book as a kid? 

I love the Anne of Green Gables series as a kid, and also things like The Chronicles of Narnia, Enid Blyton and the Trixie Belden series. 

9. If you could be a guest star in any TV show currently on the air, which show would you choose & why? 

Project Runway! I would love them to do another ‘real women’ challenge which includes curvy women! They did a segment last week where contestants had to choose real women from a park as their muse and model but they were all very much svelte ladies.

10. Which of your posts from this Vegan MoFo are you the most proud of? 

Probably the post about the Apartment Supperclub as I was quite worried that it wouldn’t get off the ground. I’ve done a lot of Facebook promotions but it’s been hard to get people to like the Facebook page for example. I made flyers but flyering is hard as many businesses only allow flyers in a marketing business stand. We’ve spoken to other organisers (including other expats) and everyone has the same problems here in Leipzig. We’re looking at ways we can work together to maximise our audiences etc but haven’t come up with anything yet. Things take time, so fingers crossed :) 

The 8 blogs I nominate (in no particular order) are:

  1. https://slowclubcookery.blogspot.se/
  2. https://www.veganopoulous.com/
  3.  https://www.planetcamilla.com
  4. https://thenaughtycornerofsocialniceties.com/
  5. https://aviliasway.de/
  6. https://www.renlish.com/
  7. https://www.minzgruen.com/
  8. https://livandjon.wordpress.com/

My questions:

  1. What are you reading at the moment?
  2. The last meal you cooked?
  3. What country have you always wanted to visit?
  4. Recommend a tv show or box set
  5. Your favourite way to relax?
  6. What is your favourite dish to cook?
  7. Are you an early bird or night owl?
  8. What is your favourite fruit?
  9. What’s your drink of choice?
    1. What would you choose for your last meal?