This morning Chris and I went along to the grand opening of Veganz  here in Leipzig. Veganz: Wir Leben lieben  is a vegan chain store supermarket with other stores in other parts of Germany, Vienna and Prague. We’ve previously visiting the stores in Berlin and Prague.

Leipzig is not short of vegan options in regard to grocery shopping: there’s bit and pieces at supermarkets, several ‘Biomarkts’ and various health food shops. I’ve also bought a lot of bits and pieces at Asian and Middle Eastern grocers. But it’s a real luxury to be able to buy everything in one place! I love cooking and I love vegan cooking most of all and it’s great to go somewhere and be able to enjoy everything.

I think people were wondering for a long time if the store would ever open as it was sitting like this for at least a year.

But now it is open and the celebrations were in full swing. We were delighted to be welcomed with delicious tastings of chocolate chip biscuits, chickpea salads, drinks and spreads and lovely, friendly staff.  The store was packed with a camera crew setting up to shoot. The front of the store is a cafe with a real coffee (hurrah!) including cold drip, a range of teas and cold drinks. There’s also a bounty of cakes,  desserts and savoury dishes.

We enjoyed some delicious savoury pastries. The one on the left reminded me of a vegan spring roll and the one on the right was more like baked vegan sausage mix. Both were absolutely delicious.

We also shared a tasty roll filled with cooked pumpkin, pear, roquet and a spread. Really delicious.

Behind the cafe is an extensive supermarket with fresh fruit and vegetables, an antipasto bar, make your own orange juice dispense, cupboard goods and an extension fridge and frozen section. There’s also a few cookbooks, t shirts, bags and other vegan paraphernalia.

We were delighted to see the Tofurky section in the fridge and freezer. I make my own Tofurky quite regularly and even teach others to make it in my cooking classes. But it’s nice to have the option of buying able to buy it readily off the shelf!

Interesting to see all the tofu based products as in the past we’ve thought seitan was more commonly used in Europe where tofu and tempeh are more common in Australia.

Great to see Orgran, a vegan Australian owned company!

Keen to give the faux fish a try.


Loads of alternatives to Nutella! Chocolate spread is very popular in Europe

So many cheeses!

Soy chunks look interesting, good variation of TVP.

I was intrigued by these gluten free croissants

Lots of variations on mayo, dressings and bratwurst. Pleased to see hummus, we used to eat loads of dips in Australia but they are not as common here.

Love the Green Christmas postcards!

German Christmas biscuits!

Is it expensive? Well yes, in that imported foods are always more expensive than local foods. Some of the imported goods are more expensive than when imported to Australia, despite the relative difference in distance. But let’s put things in perspective. It is almost always more expensive to buy products like vegan cheeses, tofu, juices, biscuits etc than make your own. This is a reality everywhere, regardless of where you live. A vegan diet is very affordable if one lives off homemade soup, pastas, curries etc. But the prices add up if organic, out of season or manufactured ingredients are included. I genuinely enjoy making my own vegan products from scratch and teaching others to make their own also. I would like to continue this work if I can get enough interest in Leipig. I think there is plenty of need for both homemade and ready made food stuffs, I have a list of goods I can’t wait to try!

So what did I buy? To be honest I was a bit overwhelmed by choice (wonderful) so I just picked up some kamut crackers ( I eat far to much wheat bread these days) and Lupinen Filets. Lupinen is a pea like legume based product and is absolutely delicious. I tried it for the first time at the Vegan Summer Day here in Leipzig and have bought it a few times since.

I’ll be definitely returning to the store, can’t wait to do some more shopping for the next Apartment Supper Club dinner party!