Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Deutschland. It’s been six months now, 6 wonderful months but also six months of strangeness and challenges that extend beyond the obvious language barrier. Inspired by Oh God my wife is German, I’ve been thinking about things in Australia I really miss.

I miss: 

Decent pillows.**
I’m talking pillows that are firm not floppy. Spongy rather than feathery. Where your head sinks on the pillow, not in the pillow. German pillows are traditionally the square ‘European’ Pillow variety. I had some in Australia from Target,  but they were firm not floppy! In case you’re thinking, oh you’re just stingy, surely you can pay a bit more for a decent one? Well we’ve looked, you can get higher quality pillows at a higher price, but they are still floppy dammit! You spent a lot of time asleep so a decent pillow is so very important. 

Top sheets.


Top sheet picture 


It’s just a bit of fabric, but I really miss having a top sheet. I know duvets, doonas and comforters are all the range but it’s great for when it’s too hot for a doona or a bit cold without. I like layers on my bed and this is a layer. 


Queen size beds. 



German bed picture 


Here, we sleep together in a double bed. Most people who own queen size beds have two single beds pushed together with two single doonas on top. Nope. Not the same as a real queen size bed. To get even close to the size of a queen size bed that I am used to, I would need to buy a king size bed. You can see the bed size comparisions on this chart. I can see the merits of the single doonas though. No one hogs the doona then. 





Dumplings pictures from here


I’ve been seriously craving Asian dumplings since I left Melbourne. I really miss ShanDon Mama and  of course Camy Shanghai Dumpling House! There’s a couple of places where I can buy frozen ones here in Leipzig and of course I make my own dumplings and pierogies but it’s not the same as a huge bamboo basket of steaming dumplings served with chilli oil, soy sauce and vinegar and a plate of garlic Chinese broccoli! (Eat them fast while the rest are coming and drink your weight in Jasmine tea).  South east asian food here generally is sold from a restaurant which sells a mishmash of Chinese,Vietnamese, Thai, Indian and pizza, most of which contains pork. There’s one Vietnamese place we really like but it doesn’t do dumplings, probably a good thing. 


Plentiful medical supplies without prescription.

I am a huge fan of pharmaceuticals, they have kept me alive many times. I get migraines and I like to have a plentiful supply of codeine, asprin and muscle relaxants which enable me to treat a migraine straight away and thus prevent a three day headache. I used to buy such treatments at the supermarket and chemist (over the counter) in Australia. In Deutschland you can’t even buy paracetamol at the supermarket. And i am constantly confused by all the homeopathic treatments, considering they are derided in much of the developed world as little more than placebos without scientific merit. 


Cheap nuts, dried fruit and spices

So expensive here, besides the spice lady i buy my spices from at the outdoor market. I really don’t know why. Apparently this is the case for much of Europe. 


Blocks of Cheddar cheese

Cheese here is generally quite mild. I like a nice big block of vintage tasty. Not so easy to find. 

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