Things are tickling along nicely in Leipzig. Last week we had our first snow! The funny thing is that I have only seen snow twice so when I went outside that morning to ride my bike to school I thought all the white stuff everywhere was salt. I’ve seen these huge vats of salt for putting on the ground ( I think?) in preparation for snow so I thought, ‘Oh wow, snow is coming! ‘ It wasn’t until I got to school and the teacher said it was snow that I realised. Silly me!


We’ve been enjoying various things like going along to flea markets, life drawing class, winning at English trivia and seeing some English comedians last weekend. I also started a little social group for expat women in Leipzig and so far we’ve gone out for cocktails and watching a movie at ours in English with Deutsch subtitles. Good fun! 

Some bizarre flea market goods:

Love these drawers:


We also have the big Leipzig Weihnachsmarkt (Christmas market). Think lots of lights and decorations, stalls with gluhwein, stollen and pastries and lots of things to eat, drink and buy. 


I’ve been a bit under the weather the last week with bad sinus that went to a runny nose and has now become a cough.Just coming good now. So annoying! The weather doesn’t help, although it’s definitely been warmer the last few days. 

Things I’ve enjoyed reading:

I nearly died. So what? Meaghan Daum, The New York Times

_Pussy Riot: when friendly people like us become enermies of the state it is very strange, Carole Cadwalladr, The Guardian

_The absolute best and weirdest german integration class I ever had, from Oh My God My Wife is German.

Jarring experience, Alexia Schmidt, Courier Post. Great tips here for using your jarred preserves in recipes!


Living the veg life, Health Perch. I really like the info charts,especially the last one to assist people transitioning to a veg life. 



I’m loving this house

These gingerbread terrariums are a great idea! 

I also wrote an article myself about my experiences of <a href="">Idiopathic angioedema </a>for <a href="">XO Jane</a>. I have been trying to get more freelance writing work but it is difficult if you do not have a suite of published work to present. I&#8217;m working on some other topics also, not just writing about me. Hope everyone is enjoying the lead up to Christmas. X