I’ve been pretty busy with moving to our new apartment. The ridiculous situation is that the week we moved, Chris was offered a job in Berlin, so we’ll be going to Berlin in a few weeks! I’m really sad to be leaving all my good friends here in Leipzig but the sad reality is that jobs here are few and far between (unless you work as a translator or in an in demand sector like engineering and have fluent Deutsch) and I can only live off my small savings for a few more months. I’ll hopefully also have more success in teaching workshops in Berlin and doing my other bits and pieces.

I’ve been quite busy with my Sprachschule and I’m looking forward to having a week off next week. We’ve been learning about each other families (in Deutsch natürlich) and it’s always challenging talking about my family. We showed each other family photos and I shared photos of David and Mr Pablo, whilst yes, my twin and cat are deceased, I still feel them in my heart. A lot of people felt quite teary and homesick for their loved ones, it’s the side of expat life that no one really sees that much.

I’m also planning my next little recipe ebooks and looking forward to working on them in more detail. 

p.s. I’m starting a newsletter to coincide with my new website. It’ll be maybe once a month  at most with a few new recipes and bits of pieces. Nothing spammy. Maybe you’d like to sign up? There’s a box on the right hand corner of my blog, can you find it ok? 

Things I am reading:

Friday night meatballs, how to change your life with pasta, Lucy Gray, Serious Eats

I love this story so much, to me it sums up so much about building community and friendship around food and the home. It’s why I started the Apartment Supper Club here in Leipzig, something I definitely want to continue in Berlin, albeit in a different format. 

The privileged are taking other the arts; without the grit, pop culture is doomed, Stuart Maconie, New Statesman

I quit my job to set up a commune, Dylan Evans, The Guardian

What a (food) blog costs per month and why the reader show know, Mel, Gourmet Guerilla (translated from German). 

This encapsulates nicely why I have ads on my blog. As I don’t have a full time job, anything and everything helps to represent my time and the money I spend buying ingredients, hosting my website (coming) etc. I’m not a big entrepreneurial blogger, just a small fish trying to offset a few costs whilst being able to do something I like. 

How one stupid Tweet blew up Justine Sacco’s Life, Jon Ronson, The New York Time Magazine. This is definitely one to read if you are a user of social media, it gives another side the story we so often hear…

How do you grieve when you lose an internet friend, Nicky Woolf, The Guardian

The US is the only country in the world that locks up kids for life, could that finally change? Bryan Schatz, Mother Jones

Why are creative women dismissed as ‘quirky’? Eva Wiseman, The Guardian

Blurred sidelines, meet the musicians who are doctors, gardeners and authors, Paul Lester, The Guardian

Things I am liking

Great art by Irana Douer via Design is Mine 


I know Cath Kidston wares are rather chintzy, expensive and probably all made in China (I actually saw loads of Cath Kidston rip off bags in Beijing) but I love this collaboration with Gola, who made my favourite sports shoes until I realised my new pair have slippery soles. What’s with that? 


How I love the creative work done on this room!