2015-03-17 15.38.53The old and the new in Neukölln

Yes we’re still moving to Berlin but it’s taking a fair bit longer than we anticipated to find an apartment. We got approved for one which we knocked back due to the poor condition, provisionally approved for one, however were too slow to accept (Chris was in Spain at the time and wanted to see it first, fair enough) and rejected for our dream apartment in the first round of applications. So it’s back to the drawing board, or the internet as the reality is.

2015-03-17 17.08.22Hipster shop in Prenzlauer Berg.

How does it compare to finding rental properties in Melbourne? It’s pretty similar in regard to demand for tenancies however there are far more to choose from than in Melbourne. The laws here are better weighted towards tenants in all kinds of ways from long term leases to the fact that a property manager cannot legally rent you a property more than one third your wage. (I guess I see this as good and bad, as many people accept higher living costs as a sacrifice for quality of residence and location).

2015-03-04 09.11.02East side gallery (painted on the what’s left of the Berlin Wall, Friedrichshain.

So now it’s a bit like throwing a pebble into a lake, we’ve both being seeing as many as we can and applying for any that don’t look too dodgy or the location too far out.  It’s strange how suburbs can change from the distance of a train station or two on a particular line from hip and groovy to decrepit and a bit scary.

Looking at places is rather tiring although I do get to see a little bit of neighbourhoods and learn my way around somewhat. I’ve had lots of conversations in Deutsch with property managers and landlords and as long as I can get the gist I’m ok. Thankfully people are nice about my efforts which helps!  The application forms are harder as there’s many legal terms (regarding debt etc) that I am not familiar with. Not the kind of thing covered in Sprachschule!

2015-03-17 16.14.58Cute building in Neukölln.

For these reasons I’m rather behind on finishing the layout of my blog on WordPress (much to learn), I haven’t had much time for cooking or writing. Fingers and toes crossed for some good outcomes, hoping we get outcomes from the more desirable properties first but of course it never works this way. But we can hope!

Back to Berlin tomorrow (Friday) to look at some more places and make more applications.