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I’m kicking this series off for an opportunity for bloggers in Europe (and UK) to get to know each other and share a bit about where they live. Locals and expats are welcome and please cut and paste the questions and then add your link at the bottom and link back to this post on A Travelling Cook so that everyone’s posts get seen and shared. Add some pics too if you like!

(I’ll answer the questions myself a bit later, just finishing some work)


What are you doing in Europe?


What’s the vegan ‘scene’ like where you live?


What’s a typical breakfast for you?


Where do you like to shop? 


What’s your favourite local dish to veganise?


Strangest or most unusual food in the supermarket? 


Can you recommend a local vegan friendly restaurant, bar or cafe? 


What ingredients do you miss or wish you had access to where you live? 


Best thing about where you live?