I’ve been rather neglecting my blog as I’ve been crazy busy with workshops, trying to finish recipe e book number two (it will be launched on Monday) and just life in general. The weekend commemorates one year of living as an expat in Deutschland, I’ll be writing more about this next week.


I’ve been attending lots of events as well which is always fun as it’s quite a hot week here in Berlin. Here’s some cute art from a venue we went to last night:

2015-07-02 19.29.30

Here’s a pick of Chris and I taken at last weekend’s Christopher Day Parade (Berlin’s version of Pride March). We are very happy that people in the US in same sex relationships now have the legal option of marriage and impatiently await the same rights for our fellow Australians…

2015-06-27 17.27.07

I’ve also been doing some writing for tech website Sitepoint, regarding mobile apps from a user perspective. Here’s my latest:

Can Apps help prevent violence?, Cate Lawrence, _Sitepoint

_ -Would love to know what you think!

Here’s some things that have caught my attention:

This cake blows my mind-amazing!


I love these bus shelters in Belarus, decorated by unknown artists:

imb_18 imb_17 imb_07

I would love a set of shelves like this in my kitchen (and all the equipment of course). As much as a try to live without lots of stuff as an expat who sold everything to move here, it would be nice to have the luxury at times…[

](/images/atc-migrate/2015/07/central-coast-food-9.jpg) home_tour45-1000x1500


Some things I’ve been reading:

ALS after the icebucket challenge, The Guardian

Remembering the upstairs lounge: The USA’s largest lgbt massacre happened 40 years ago today, Terry Firma, Patheos

Young women say no to thongs, Hayley Phelan, New York Times

Illuminating North Korea, David Guttenfelder New York Times,

Why fallout is the greatest nuclear war story ever told, Medium


We went to the cinema for my birthday and saw The Woman in Gold

I’ve been watching Project Catwalk (the UK version of Project Runway) and also episodes of House

Love to hear what’s going on in everyone’s lives, must find time to read my blog list properly…