19331365418_80465151a2_oMy new recipe ebook, Soups, salads and sides is out at last! It’s alive! After months of recipe writing, planning, testing and photographing (particularly painful in the depths of winter), my latest recipe ebook is here!

Over 30 delicious soups, salads and sides, to warm you through the coldest winter or cool you through the hottest summer.

This time of year, whilst my friends in Australia are shivering with the hands warmed by steaming mugs of soup, here in Germany we’re feasting on salads and sunshine. This book shares some of my favourite soup and salad recipes and offers something for everyone, celebrating the fantastic flavours that are created when grains, pulses and vegetables are combined with thought and creativity.


If you’ve been subject to more than one insipid green salad or another bowl of pumpkin soup, I’ve come to the rescue!

These 30 plus recipes will be equally delicious for a quick summer supper, dinner party for six or a take to work lunch. All work beautifully on their own or combined in a menu of your choosing. For those who like their meals to be more robust, or think that a meal is not complete without a side of carbs, I have also included some lovely side dishes that I make often for times when bread and butter or a side of chips just won’t do.

Recipes include:

  • Mushroom, white bean and walnut soup
  • Asian dumpling soup
  • Cheesy potato balls
  • Beetroot, orange and avocado carpaccio

As with my first recipe ebook, I like to give back. 50 cents from each book will be donated to The Jane Goodall Institute and Foundation 18 respectively.