It’s been an interesting month here in Berlin. Summer is here which means hot sunny days with little respite so I’m currently living off homemade sorbet, hummus, salads and smoothies-it’s certainly much easier to avoid the German bakeries full of pastries when the weather is hot.






After discovering that my passport has expired, I compiled a little recipe ebook of some of my favourite unpublished recipes. It’s a mere $1 and the proceeds ensure I am a legal migrant who is able to return to Australia if I have an emergency


Prior to the heatwave I tried making some eggless meringues using a little pickled beetroot juice for the acid in the meringues and also to allow some colour using natural ingredients. Quite tasty!


On one of the few cool days, I made a delicious corn, cauliflower and quinoa soup-can’t wait for another cool day so I can make some more! [

](/images/atc-migrate/2015/08/IMG20150720135242.jpg) _DSC0544


I did a birthday cake by request for a birthday party. It was an interesting experience especially as the request was for a sugar free cake using agave. I actually think I spent half the money I earnt on agave alone! Talking to other who do cake making as a living, I don’t know how they make it financially viable. Everyone I spoke to who has done similar work admitted that it was not.


I made some coconut bacon


And also some coconut bacon jam (very tasty!)


I bought a cute little sugar jar for 3€ 11879084_10152911472831249_9217576674444375942_o

We also finally got some decent kitchen furniture! No longer living in boxes, hurrah!

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