2016 has been an eventful year in many, many ways. I don't want to dwell on big global topics in this post, but review what I got up to.


In 2016, I wrote approximately 249 articles, blog posts and tutorials.

The most popular on my Medium account was 'A documentation crash course', closely followed by 'Making Atom even more awesome' and 'Tech your privilege at the door' (which was only published a week ago).

Most popular on my own site was 'Setapp aims to solve the app problem for Macs' and 'Hands on with the Lenovo Yoga book'.

Most popular on SitePoint was 'Create cross-platform applications with Electron', followed by 'The past, present and future of Swift'.

Video and audio

In 2016 I doubled down on my audio and video recording efforts, but it was mostly an exploratory effort, in 2017 I will take it more seriously. Even so I created roughly 62 video and audio files, plus 7 others with SitePoint. The most popular podcast was the 'pitching to the press' episode.


I spoke at, or reported on approximately 126 conferences and meetups in 11 countries, not including the roughly 2 a week I attend locally on a regular basis.

Other activities

What else did I get up to this year?

  • I started and nearly finished a book on responsive web design for SitePoint. It should be completed in early 2017. I was also technical editor for a book on Otto for Packt publishing, but as the Otto project was cancelled, so was the book.
  • I contributed to two Swift courses for the Flatiron school and CodeFoundry.
  • I taught a dozen Syrian refugees to program, and their project was featured in international media.
  • I helped fund two projects via the Berlin chapter of the Awesome Foundation.