I haven't made any personal posts for a while, not due to lack of anything to say or to talk about, just haven't got round to it, I've been quite busy, beavering away trying to sort a load of things with varying degrees of success. I wont bother getting everything up to date, just a few highlights from the past few weeks and I'll try to be more regular from now on.

The Australian Line up of Macaca Mulatta is now complete, we have Xavier on Drums, Nick on Bass, Chris on Second Guitar, and of course me on the other guitar.

Our first full rehearsal came to a surreal ending when the house / studio we were using was suddenly invaded by a group of kids looking for a party, they asked us to play, but it seemed a little early for that, although we do have our first (hopefully of many) gig lined up, if you're in the area try to make it along :

7th June @ Gertrude's, Gertrude st., Fitzroy (with Burgers of Beef and Readers Wives)

The tracks recorded with the UK line up of the band are also finally ready, so please take a listen at www.macacamulatta.com or www.myspace.com/macacamulatta tell me what you think and spread the word if you like it, I want to get this band finally rolling properly, I have no money so need all the help I can get!

I've also been trying to organise some more Antescene gigs (The last one in London was very successful!) around Melbourne, but the frustrations of finding places, confirming dates and the usual fun with promoters is making the possibility of anything happening soon unlikely...

Photo Time!

Last weekend Cate and I volunteered at the Melbourne Social Forum, a yearly and Global (with many small Forums around the world as an alternative to the World Social Forum) meeting of minds for social change and alternative thinking. I helped with the sound all weekend, setting up and running the PA, it was great fun and I met loads of interesting people even if it did rain most of the weekend (which is much needed at the moment!).

Here's some photos

Wednesday was Anzac day (a public Holiday) and we went to the zoo... Melbourne zoo is an amazing zoo, we watched several feedings including Seals, Orangutans and the Penguins. We saw giant Tortoises, Platypus, native animals and lots more, though I think the most spectacular area had to be the Butterfly house, where the Butterflies fly around you, frequently landing near or even on you. Unfortunately the camera we borrowed seemed to be permanently stuck on Burst mode, so the photos came a out a little strange, I will get them sorted soon and post them up on Flickr.

Chinch out for now, rock on xxx