I picked this book up as part of a book bundle somewhere, but escapes me with one right now. It's timing was perfect as research for the development of Chip Shop as it covers the history of video games from 1970 up to the year 2000.

The writing quality is average, which is typical of this style of book written by an (obvious) enthusiast. Each year gets its own chapter and occasionally reads like a collection of essays as topics are sometimes repeated in different chapters.

In terms of content, the book is phenomenal. I think you would struggle to find a more comprehensive overview of the period and the products, people and events that were part of it. There was lots I already knew, but I also gleaned many new potential products and events for the game that will keep me in development work for quite some time. The book flows well and you can clearly follow the development of companies and products over time as well as the actions that led to them. This narrative especially has helped me get some great ideas for the feeling of the era and thus the game. What was especially clear was the speed of change. A company could be making billions one year and nearly bankrupt the next, representing that in the game is something that needs work. I have also started thinking how I could represent the licensing that happens between companies for games and accessories.

If you are a fan of video games from any era since their inception then consider picking up a copy and lose yourself in a wonderful history lesson.

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