Take a listen (or read) to a light hearted and 'cheesy' romantic (and slightly explicit) short story I recently wrote about Doug, who bored in his office cubicle, fantasies about Julie...

Doug stared at Julie across the office, watching her stretch to reach the top shelves to put away July's paid invoices. He watched her as she stretched, struggling to reach, the heels and arches of her stockinged feet exposed, escaping from their shoe encasement, as she finally managed to ease the file home, nestled amongst the dozens of other identical grey lever arch files.

She rested back onto her feet, wiggled as she pulled her charcoal skirt down to a more appropriate level from halfway up her thighs to just below her knees and adjusted her wrinkled rayon blouse from a crumpled mess around her midriff. She puffed a sigh or relief and click clacked across the silent office back to her desk.

Doug glanced longingly from the blank spreadsheet on his flickering computer screen back to Julie, inanely tapped at his keyboard, rested his face in his hands and sighed. He remembered his high school years and all the rejections. He'd never had any luck with women, why? He was a nice guy, wasn't bad looking, reasonably intelligent, and yet they just weren't interested in him, he'd heard "I like you as a friend but..." so many times he'd lost count. Despite always trying to do everything the right way, the way the movies told you was the way women wanted. He would set up candlelit dinners, picnics in the park and romantic outings. He would listen to them intensively, hang onto their every word, be full of empathy and express genuine interest in all subjects they cared to discuss. But he would always be rejected, there would always be a reason or there would always be another guy in their lives who was the subject of their affections.

So why bother with Julie? It would be the same all over again, the same anticipation, effort and rejection... Well... it might be different this time.

The familiar click clack of Julie's heels startled him out of his daydreams and his eyes followed her across the office and she headed towards the photocopy room, it's hum and glow calling to all.

He thought about striding into the copier room and locking the door behind him. He thought of twirling Julie around and declaring his feelings for her. She would gasp, clutch her hand to her bosom and swoon backwards, declaring her mutual feelings and desire for him. He would then grasp her close to him, hold her tight and kiss her passionately. A long kiss, the kind of kiss that leaves you breathless but your whole body craving and desiring for more. Through passionate embraces and increased kisses she would then whisper in his ear, "take me Doug, take me". She would untangle her peroxide blonde hair from the tight bun she kept it imprisoned in and let it tumble around her shoulders as Doug would plant kiss after kiss along her neck and work his way to her shoulders as she undid her white blouse and slipped it off, allowing it to drop to the floor in a crumpled pile. She would unzip her tight charcoal skirt and pull it down her legs to her ankles, step out of it in one swift, graceful and sensual move, removing her heels and rolling her tan coloured tights down her smooth, shapely legs to reveal her beautifully manicured toes, resplendent in neon pink nail polish. Julie would pull Doug towards her and stare into his eyes, hers full of lust as she undid button after button on his light blue pastel shirt, caressing his manly chest as she slid it over his shoulders, running her acrylic nails over inch after inch of his tense torso and down towards his waste. Crouching down she would whip out his belt, letting it's buckle clatter to the floor. Feeling the tension in his trousers, she would unzip, and running her hands down his thighs, remove them, Doug more aroused than ever. Doug would now pull Julie close to him, their breathing becoming heavier and more laden with pleasure, he would recommence kissing her shoulders, moving his lips and hands to reach around her back and remove the clasp of her black Kmart bra in one swift and subtle move. As the bra tumbled to the floor he would bend over to caress her pert pink breasts, cupping them in his hands and fondling until her nipples were aroused and erect. Moving down her shuddering stomach he covered her with more and more kisses until he reached her nylon love heart covered g-string. At this moment Julie would stop him and remove his bonds boxer shorts revealing his throbbing male pride. In between strokes of his pulsating penis she slowly slid her g-string down her legs to reveal a beautifully groomed Brazilian. "Take me Doug, take me!" Julie would now shout, glorious in her nakedness as she pulled herself up onto the warm, glowing photocopier, spreading her legs for Doug to make wild, noisy, sweaty love to her causing the copier to rattle and thud against the wall of the room. Workers from the office would be banging on the locked door, wanting to know what was going on, but they wouldn't care, he would shout Julie's name and she would shout his, 'Doug! Doug! Doug!".

"Doug!" The abruptness of the word made him wake from his pleasurable day dream and judder into reality, the stark face of his boss bringing him slap bang into the grimness of his life.

"Doug, have you finished those sale figures yet?"

"Oh, yes, sorry, err, nearly finished, err..."

"Well make sure you do Doug, I need them by the end of the day."

Doug turned back to his computer screen and stared again at the unfinished spreadsheet, it contained one word, repeated twenty times, 'Julie'. He rifled the papers on his desk and was once again distracted by the clickety clack of Julie's heels as she left the photocopy room burdened with piles of paper. Of course Doug thought about sex, that was perfectly natural, but at heart he was really a romantic old fool. He would take Julie out every weekend, they would go to the city, to art galleries and trendy bars, talk for hours about everything and nothing, laughing, smiling and finishing each others sentences all day long. Staring deeply into each others eyes, he would tell her how beautiful she was and she would giggle looking embarrassed, but pleasantly flattered. He would hold her hand in his, clutch it tightly and tell her in sincere tones that he loved her, she would pause dramatically for a brief and heart stopping second and reciprocate, they would kiss and lock in an embrace that felt like it should never end.

Who was he kidding, none if it would happen, Julie wouldn't be interested in him, he had no chance, she barely even acknowledged his existence, he was crazy. Doug returned to his spreadsheet and attempted to focus on what was in front of him, the stark reality and truth of his life. He heard a click clack move across the office and end behind him.

"Doug..." He paused, unsure how to react.

"Yes Julie?" He stammered.

"Doug, do you have last months sales figures? Could you email them to me?"

"Oh, yes, sure Julie..."

"Thanks, Doug."

"No worries..." She turned to leave, he stammered, she spun back round to face him.

"Yes, Doug?"

"What?" he replied, hesitantly.

"You looked like you were about to say something."

"Me? Oh, no, nothing Julie." She turned to leave again, what was the point in saying anything to her about they way he felt, he knew what the answer would be. It would just be another embarrassing moment in his life, another thing to live down, another failure... Well, maybe...

"Julie." Doug confidently said, his face breaking into a smile.

"Yes Doug?" Julie said, turning to face him a third time, her face still a pristine mask of lip gloss and foundation.

"Julie, I just wondered if, well, err, you'd like to come to a movie with me on Friday night?"