You will frequently find us out and about, delivering a presentation, or attending an event to hear about your great ideas and projects. Here are our next confirmed events, though we are also to be found at many Berlin meetups that wont always be listed here.

Past events

  • October 25 2018 to October 25 2018

    Chris is attending…

    Sustain Summit to discuss sustaining open source

  • November 01 2018 to November 02 2018

    Chris is attending…

    Malta Blockchain Summit to hear about your ideas and projects

  • November 05 2018 to November 08 2018

    Chris & Cate are attending…

    Web Summit to hear about your projects and ideas

  • November 09 2018 to November 09 2018

    Chris is attending…

    API the Docs attending and on the speaker committee

  • November 13 2018 to November 15 2018

    Chris is attending…

    OpenStack Summit Berlin to hear about your ideas and projects