Last week I presented Chip Shop at an event here in Berlin. I was woefully unprepared and just had my laptop, showing a few screens and telling people about the idea.

Despite that, I got some really good feedback on the game idea, the mechanics and story behind the game. It motivated me to get more done quickly and get some physical prototypes as soon as possible. People also suggested events and places I could test and promote the game at when I am ready, good to know that there is a healthy game scene locally for me to make use of and get involved with.

For the next installment of "One Day the World Ended" I am working on the story of when Jesus sues humanity. This is loosely based around an idea I had ten years ago and have been carrying around in my head ever since, but updated to fit the structure of this work. I have dived into the text with little planning (spot a theme here?) deciding I will undertake the Historical accuracy research later. One of the strangest challenges with this is knowing how to refer to Jesus in the middle of sentences and how to put 'him' across as a character. It's been an interesting challenge and one I am enjoying, hopefully I wont offend too many people.