One of the main perils of the modern world is there is far too much to distract us. So many interesting blog posts to read, events to attend, crap-we-don't-need to buy and other assorted diamonds from the internet. I'm sure several days into the working week we look at our browser and find 20+ tabs open, all eating up memory and so cluttered you can't even remember what is what anymore.

So we dutifully bookmark them and close them all, resolute in the knowledge that one day we will revisit and action them. This is how worked until I discovered the wonder that is OneTab, a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. Simply click the handy OneTab browser button bar in any open window and all of the open tabs within it will be added into the OneTab window in handy groupings per window. All of these can be opened, moved, exported and deleted individually, but will stay until you are ready to open them again.

This is one of the reasons I like OneTab so much, the browser tabs stay as a visual reminder without cluttering your screen or memory real estate. I can even compartment my life into work tabs, personal tabs, to-do tabs etc.

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