Chip Shop is ready for play testing! Find out how to get involved.

There are still components missing and a lot of design work yet to happen, but the game is ready enough to start getting feedback from those of you generous enough to help me.

At the moment, unless you live in Berlin and want to meet me at a future play testing session, you need to print and cut out the components yourself. I know this involves some work, so anyone who does help me playtest will receive a thank you and some form of Kickstarter / final product discount.

Getting the Game components

The Manual

This is easy and there's no need to print it if you don't want to. Download the complete manual here, it needs some work on formatting and page breaks, but is readable and hopefully understandable.

Game Concepts

The cards mention concepts that are rules of a sort. This is an attempt to reduce the amount of text on each card and will be replaced with icons. You can find a list of the game concepts here. You don't need to print them.

The Game Cards

Download the 3x3 sheets of game cards here. You will need to cut these out and divide them into respective piles. The card type is on the bottom of each card, but will eventually be double-sided.


The manual notes a scoring board, this doesn't exist yet. For now, just note scores on paper.

Player Screens

The manual notes player screens, these don't exist yet. You can find another way of hiding what you are working on, or play publicly for now as this may help everyone understand the game.

Resource Tokens

I can't supply resource tokens as PDF files, if you have any coloured tokens from other games, use those, or perhaps note resources assigned to cards in pencil and erase between test games.


I'm sure you will have loads! I welcome any feedback you have, send an email here with as much detail as possible, images and videos are great to explain something that is hard with words alone.