I've been travelling a lot the past couple of weeks from running a booth at the Essen Spiele Messe to conferences in Pristina. Cate and I will record a new podcast episode next week to discuss many of these, so in the meantime, this is just a links show folks.

Links Of The Week

Hacker fakes German minister's fingerprints using photos of her hands. I guess I was hopeful that fingerprint readers might start to replace outdated passwords, and this article was an unfortunate example of how easy it is to fake a part of the human anatomy.

Who killed Cyanogen?. I have a OnePlusOne phone running Cyanogen Mod, so this news surprised and concerned me as I now wonder if I am running a dead operating system. It's a shame, as for a while it looked like Cyanogen and Microsoft were building an interesting viable alternative to Google Android.

In a similar vein, Choppy waters: Jolla's titanic Sailfish OS voyage highlights the continued worries of Jolla and their ill-fated but fascinating (and I have played with it) mobile operating system.

We have been thinking about on-boarding processes at work, and if found this analysis of maybe one of the first modern on-boarding processes interesting. It feels slightly outdated, but groundbreaking at the time. Why Windows 98's User Onboarding is Better Than Yours

Chinch out xx